Friday, January 25, 2008

THANK YOU JASON & SHOLA! from (me!) sandra, ttgp

didn't i receive the most wonderful surprise for christmas

from my cousin jason vaughn. -i was excited immediately when the mailman brought the mail, because it was not merely an envelope with a christmas card inside; it was a package...

what could it be? to my complete delight my talented photographer cousin had sent me two gifts: a framed photograph which is a collage of beautiful doll faces, AND, "february" a limited edition collection of his highly artistic photography.

and i've been meaning, since december, to send a thank you.

today - at last! - as part of my "radical cleaning" project, i finally got to it. let me first explain "radical cleaning" -radical cleaning is when you touch a piece of paper you may not move on to the next thing until you take that paper to it's death. no piling it over there, or filing it to be dealt with some day..

and when i say taking a paper to it's death -i mean it! this would be a great example:

i'm dancing to joss stone and putting the dishes away, finish that, and go to clean the counter. touch the envelope from jason that i've been saving since i recieved his gift so i had his return address. -the temptation might be to move the envelope somewhere again but NOT WITH RADICAL CLEANING

so instead, i stopped everything i was doing. needed some wood to make a mag time thank you frame.. none at hand. but no excuses allowed. will be updating my word wall soon anyway, so plucked the "inspire" wood frame from my wall display and created a mag time frame on the opposite side. designed and constructed the frame; handstamped, embossed "thank you" in the center; took a copy of their picture together from the back of another limited photography collection (9/50) i was given by my mom after she attended what i believe was his first gallery show in hollywood" "space and the human condition"

so that's jason and shola. beautiful couple, yes. -and what is extra cool, is that they, like my aunt & uncle, bill and june vaughn, have a creative~collaborative~love

my aunt and uncle, both professional potters, have been married 40 years now, and creating pottery together just as long. my uncle throws and forms, my aunt freestyle designs. together they create and design some of the most spectacular, captivating pottery you've ever seen. and i'm not just sayin' that because i love them. it's true! see for yourself:

and a similar collaboration is being experienced between their son jason and his love, shola. her helping with and supporting his photography, and him, helping with and supporting her singing career.

thank you both! for thinking of me

- okay, and now back to radical cleaning - after i designed the frame and wrote a thank you note, i packaged it, and drove to the post office and mailed it out TODAY. i did not place it by the door for later, when...

i did not stop until that envelope i touched was taken to it's death. his return address has been copied in my book, i've created AND MAILED OUT the over-due thank you gift. i've posted this blog with pictures AND NOW.. i can throw away that envelope

AND MOVE ON TO THE NEXT THING. radical cleaning may seem counter-productive at first.. stopping in the middle of everything to drive to the post office? -but, in truth, my experience is that it is the slowest, but most productive type of cleaning i do.

rearranging papers over and over, relocating clutter.. making my place visitor-friendly in a hurry.. this is quick but the results are very temporary; lasts 10 minutes tops.

but radical cleaning.. it can last a whole day.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


one of my favorite things to do, is to snap a photo one day,
then create a mag time frame to suit it.

since i'm too late for christmas, but didn't want to wait until
valentines, the kids signed this mag time frame behind
their picture and we surprised our favorite crossing guard
this random rainy thursday.

they make great hand-made thank you gifts

xoxox all around!


i've turned my late, over-due christmas thank you gift into an on-time birthday present ") works well, when your friend's birthday is jan 30th.
and a special friend she is.. we first met when she was a student in one of my creative writing classes, and then ended up co-founding "movers n' shakers," a creative dance class for children, with the most precious recital shows performed at the end of every 8 weeks of class for parents, grandparents, neighbors and friends
our daughters, her two, my one, always helping with and bright stars
in our little shows.
thanks for those memories kate! -couldn't have happened without you. i miss you! happy birthday! -door mat is always out for you here in california
xoxox all around
*** *** ***
like my other two friends who will also be receiving late christmas, belated birthday, but on-time valentine gifts, kate is a dog lover. i'll be making several different puppy dog themed mag time frames this week...
very grateful then, for sizzix and their puppy die cut (again).

Saturday, January 19, 2008


shhh. it's a surprise.
today 4-6pm, there will be a celebration at towne center books in downtown pleasanton for their 11th anniversary.
i made this personalized mag time frame for the owner, judy, as a congratulations/thank you gift.
found some pretty papers for the background at california stampin', then used my computer to cut n' paste her store logo and make two heart shaped "towne center book magnets"
then.. of course, it's a book store.. so ripped some pages out of a book (i have two of, specifically so one can be sacrificed for art), and made the other two heart shaped magnets. i am very specific about what words end up on the magnets.
very pleased with the results.
then, borrowed a line from their commercial on local television: "towne center books, where
we sell...
so used my computer to create an insert using that moto. this piece of paper can easily be replaced by anything judy wants, and as often as she wants too.. a quote, a picture of an employee, a picture from one of their lunches with the authors, an announcement..
i hope she likes it.
and hope i've inspired some new mag time frame ideas in you.
create in joy! ~sandra kay, ttgp

Monday, January 14, 2008

MAG TIME VALENTINES FRAMES from (me!) sandra, ttgp

these mag time frames were designed by me, for skinny and singtome (they get mailed out today) using my create your own mag time frame kit, and the sizzix die cut machine & die cuts to create the heart and puppy magnets.
happy valentines my blogger friends! much love, ~s.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


happy birthday! love, ~sandra

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


mag time frames hold 5x7, 4x6 or smaller photos, vertical or horizontal, and are great for holding quotes, short poems, recipes and/or beautiful messages too.

i suggest placing in a love note for valentines, and then changing to a photo of the one(s) you love throughout the year.
create your own mag time frame kits are currently available at the following bay area stores:

california stampin' in pleasanton
stampers warehouse in danville

for mail/bulk/fundraiser/special/custom/workshops/wholesale orders:

contact sandra kay:

"locks" mag time frame designed by rita, california stampin'
"love" mag time frame designed by sandra kay