Friday, March 28, 2008


it's by far my favorite way to say thank you.. to preserve a cherished memory
designing custom, personalized, handmade mag time frames.
most recently i made one for each fellow cast member,
our awesome director and -christine- who is doing a ton of
work behind the scenes. ~everyone autographing the back
of the frame for our director & christine~
the black, white n' red coordinating with v-day itself; our flyers, brochures and stage outfits for our upcoming performance (OMG! TONIGHT!) of the vagina monologues at the bankhead theatre in livermore
embellished magnets with logo, the name, a star, and some personalized text
and at last! -got one out in the mail for my blog sister/friend karma today, who recently performed in the vagina monologues at a coffee house in georgia
"to eve! to changing the story of all women.."
create in joy! ~s.